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About Us

Green's Quilting and Weaving Shop is located in Nazareth, PA.

We make all of our own products right here in the USA in a latex safe studio.

Our straps, bands, sashes and belts are hand woven on an inkle loom. Some of the fibers are hand spun or plied with our own spinning wheel and then woven on the inkle loom.

Many historical reenactors and collectors find our straps to be of high quality and for their purposes "period correct" as far as the fiber content and method of weaving. Our straps have been purchased for a few PBS historical movies and one of our straps was even purchased for one of the displays at the Alamo!

Inkle loom straps have many uses including powder horn straps, muzzle loader straps, straps for gun powder and and possible bags, trim on clothing and tote bags, bed roll straps, canteen straps, gaiters, garters, camera straps , guitar straps, and much more!

Preserving Historical Crafts

We teach private lessons hoping to pass on our textile skills into the future.


We have two floor looms available and ready for weaving rag rugs. We teach you what fabrics make great, long lasting rugs, how to cut and prepare the strips for weaving, how to start, weave and finish the rugs. It is fun, relaxing and you create a usable, long lasting rug. There are also two medium size looms we can warp to make smaller rugs, towels, or chenille scarves. There is also a loom floor loom available that can be used for rag rugs if you like weaving outside on the porch. There are several inkle looms should you be interested in learning to weave your own straps and belts with hundreds of patterns. We can help you learn to thread the loom, draft a pattern, weave and finish the strap. We have an on site stereo so you can bring music you like to listen to while you weave. It has an I-pod dock and CD player. We also have an in studio kitchen so you can pack you lunch, keep in the the refrigerator and microwave it if you need to. We look forward to teaching you how to weave!


There are several types of sewing machines to learn to sew on including a serger. We also teach hand sewing for clothing repairs and quilting. No question is a dumb question. We teach any level and almost any age to sew on buttons, sew straight seams together as well as basic clothing construction, and quilt construction including applique, paper piecing and hand piecing.


We teach hand quilting in a hoop, or in a frame if you are planning to have a quilting frame in your home. Our favorite way to teach quilting is on the longarm quilting machine in the second floor of the studio. You must be able to go up one flight of stairs to get the the longarm. One of our pupils does not know how to sew but has completed several quilts on the longarm! It is an enjoyable experience and very satisfying when you have a completed quilt in a few hours! Bring your favorite music on CD's to make your longarm quilting experience even more enjoyable and personalized. Getting into the rhythm of the music takes your quilting to a new level. If you would like to practice on a quilt before you do your own special treasures, you can get a quilt top on E-bay for a very reasonable price that you can learn on. Yard sales and auctions are also great places to find quilt tops that need quilting!

Latex-Safe, Pet-Free, Smoke-Free Facility

We are very aware of allergies and asthma. We keep all shoes at the door, request that no make up or perfumes be worn and that you have not been around balloons, rubber gloves or adhesive glues prior to coming to our studio in order to maintain a latex-safe environment.


Weaving rag rugs on our antique rug looms is earth friendly. We recycle clothing, sheets, quilting and sewing remnants, selvedge edges and many other fibers. These rugs are washable, reversible and latex free! Perfect for people with allergies. Wonderful for hardwood floors.


Also hand crafted in the USA, we make our own variety of quilts and hand thrown pottery in stoneware and red ware which is glazed with food-safe glazes. Our quilts are all hand or machine sewn and are quilted on our longarm quilting machine.

All of our products are made in a latex safe environment and the United States of America.

We teach sewing, quilting and weaving locally. We welcome you to give it a try! We have a friendly, nonthreatening, relaxed environment!

We offer one on one or small group instruction in quilting, long arm quilting, hand quilting, rag rug weaving, inkle loom weaving. We also have on site second floor longarm and on site first floor weaving loom rental by the half hour and private lessons by the half-hour.

Due to a severe latex allergy and asthma, we have a latex-safe, pet-free and smoke-free studio. If you would like to come for lessons or loom or longarm on site rental, we just ask that you come in clean old clothes, no make up or perfume can be worn and shoes must be left at the door. If you have been exposed to latex balloons, new shoes, rubber gloves or other latex you will have to shower and change your clothes before coming in the studio.

These easy, but seemingly tedious precautions help keep the instructor alive and afford a safe place for asthmatics and other highly allergen-sensitive people to enjoy the joyous world of creating in the textile arts.


Return Policy

We send our products out from a latex-safe facility where no masking tape, duct tape or even rubber bands are used. We have an all sales are final policy.