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Are you an artisan, craftsman or craftswoman?

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For 15 cents per word, per month, we will be happy to include your ad on this page. Image fees are a one time only fee: $10.00 for a thumbnail image with a link to your site and an additional $10.00 for a larger image for the thumbnail image to link to if you wish to have this feature. The montly charge will only be for the words per month, the image, once placed will require no montly fee. Payment is due in advance and we reserve the right to deny any ad we feel is inappropriate. Just E-mail us with your ad and contact information or use the form on the Contact Us page. It is always a pleasure to meet and help fellow artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen.


(Categories will be added as the need arises. We can make a special catetory just for you!




Historical fiction novels, inspirational novels for your Kindle readng pleasure. Click our link to Shirley Rohde's web site to view her books available for Kindle from Her Web site is: Enjoy these fantastic books!

Faith is the Kingdom book coverFaith is the Kingdom A congregation is torn apart when their minister confesses his questioning faith. His search for the elusive truth tests his marriage as well as his friends and the floundering congregation.

Destiny's Drum Book CoverDestiny's Drum Beth Anders is kidnapped during the Civil War. The search for her younger brother, who ran off to join the Union forces, finds her in servitude to a southern family. She endures a harsh life at the hands of her captors and finds an unexpected love.

The Green Country Book CoverThe Green Country Escaping tyranny in England, crossing the Atlantic, and beginning new lives in colonial America, is steeped in challenges, both physical and emotional for the Turner family.  Sarah wants to turn back, but her father bids he stay.  She finds acceptance and love.

Sisters in the Sun book coverSisters in the Sun Sisters, Elise and Nettie, are challenged in Victorian America by their domineering father, who arranges lives and marriages to suit himself.  While the sisters resist and struggle to follow their own dreams, a constant upheaval exists.  Only their Christian faith leads them forward.

Crosswinds Book CoverCrosswinds Nettie, younger sister, discovers she has been deserted by her husband as he goes off to WWI without telling her he was leaving.  Coping with her unexpected pregnancy and her deceased father’s business present new challenges in her darkest hour.  Her sister’s faith carries her through.

My Trail of Leaves book coverMy Trail of Leaves A collection of short stories, inspirationals and the little known art/craft of marquetry.  Short stories depict tales of rainbows, muses, passenger pigeons, love and life.  Published and unpublished works.




Your Favorite Jewelry Lady: Kathy Ottersen, 610-570-1283 Email:

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Your Favorite Jewelry Lady: Kathy Ottersen, 610-570-1283 Email: