A few frequently asked questions are provided here. If there are other questions you have that you that you think would be helpful to have answered in this section please e-mail us on the ContactUs page. Thank you for your interest in making this a more informative site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does "period correct" mean?

Period correct for the straps for instance, means that if you are making up your kit for the Black Powder era, the fibers in the straps were only those available for them to use in weaving in that time period. The fibers available then were hemp, flax, linen, wool and cotton, so in order to be period correct for that time period, those are the only fibers or combination of fibers that should be used, there would be no polyester, acrylic, mylar or man made fiber content.

What is the difference between flax and linen?

Flax is made into linen so they are basically the same thing as far as fiber content. Here is more involved explanation on flax and linen production.

What does latex-safe mean?

In the case of our weaving, quilting, and pottery, it means the environment and products we work with do not come in contact with any natural rubber / latex. Here is a great article to read on the Latex Allergy from the Center for Disease Control.