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floor rug loom

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powder horn with straps

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our variety of hand crafted items created especially for you in historic Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA! All of our products are made in a latex-safe envrionment and made in the United States of America.inkle loom straps and powder horn

Inkle Loom Weaving

We specialize in weaving straps, bands and sashes on an inkle loom for re-enactors of the Black Powder Era. This includes using period correct weaving and sewing techniques as well as period correct fibers such as flax/linen, wool, cotton, silk and hemp.Inkle loom weaver

Floor Loom Weaving

We Recycle! Weaving rag rugs on our antique rug looms is earth friendly. We recycle clothing, sheets, quilting and sewing remnants, selvedge edges and many other fibers. These rugs are washable, reversible and latex-free! Perfect for people with dust or latex allergies. The look great on hardwood floors and also on top of carpets to protect frequently traveled areas.floor loom


Also hand-crafted in the USA, we have a variety of quilts. Our quilts are all hand or machine sewn and are quilted on our longarm quilting machine. longarm machine


Another hand-crafted item, made here in the U.S.A. we create hand thrown pottery in stoneware and redware which is glazed with food-safe glazes.pottery with a pen resting inside


If you live in the Nazareth area and would like private or small group lessons in weaving rag rugs, quilting on the longarm quilting machine, sewing, hand or machine quilt construction, or making rugs or quilts from your own clothing, or sheets for memory quilts or memory rugs just give us a call. We would be happy to teach you and your friends these earth friendly skills in our latex-safe, pet-free studio. We also rent our looms and longarm quilting machine on site in our studio.sewing at a sewing machineweaving a rugembroidery machine

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